Forthcoming album by Lovelace 'Lands'

Our album 'Lands' was released this summer to much applaud:

"She is exactly our kind of girl. This album is excellent, I thoroughly recommend it... If you like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and all that kind of DIY, slightly jazz hands but also a little bit punk, it is for you. You must check the record out, really love that one" Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music

"Really blew me away, think it sounds absolutely beautiful" John Kennedy, Radio Xfm

"Really varied mix of beautiful lush harmonies and delicate production" Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio

You can find it on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp with singles 'Grizzly' and 'Moving Train' on our Soundcloud.

Two new singles 'Grizzly' and 'Moving Train'...

EP 'Yet This Time'

Created between San Francisco and London, this EP was the outcome of an American Odyssey, which started in the Desert and ended up in California....

EP also available for download at:

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Yet this time

I know it so well

I know the sea swell

Wet sand under my boots 

Red cliffs, you are my muse

Yet this time

I feel the angles

Cliff edge is mine

Encircled by gulls

Yet this time

Yet this time

Yet this time

I'm filled with nostalgia

As sun sets on the pier

What you bring to this place

Cannot be replaced


Its  question of where to be

Its a question of complexity

Laced with hopeful sincerity

Taken up with this intensity

Keep searching for knowing

Don't know where I'm going

Clouds melt and its snowing

More distance in growing

Now circumstance takes the lead

Suffocating this with my needs

I don't blame you for wanting to leave

We're both searching for how to be

Say What

Wild eyes bend down low

Her disguise seals sweet moan

Dream, dream, dream, dream


Say Say What what 

Dream, dream

A knight at arms

A silent lake

Knows her charms 

Still he waits


Say say what what 


The land waits in splendour and renders us as a map

A warm winter will set us glistening off the bat

Paper birds and simple words, my dear


Domestic, majestic, synclastic situation

Courageous, contagious and boundless adoration

And oceans and mountains appear to stand between us

But this feeling's defeating the miles that try to faze us

Complex reflects the lines defining our humble space

These maps and grids distort, abandoning beyond this faze

Paperwork abates our worth my dear

Gracious lover, undercover

Bide our time

Meet each other

Then we'll build our home together in a city somewhere

Missed the Cue

When are you leaving? 

Body is heaving

Is it worth keeping hold of this?

No amount of cleaning 

Will ever seeing

The potential of this feeling

Underneath these sheets

I leave behind the days we gave to see

I got a sign to slip away quietly

I missed the cue

I missed the cue 


No you'll never get any of my love

No it'll never be enough

Yeah we'll ring the curtain down

Don't feel you have to stick around 

Call yourself an artist 

Are you trying hardest?

Have you made any progress

At the end of the day?

The unbearable lightness 

of being his highness

But its too hard for greatness

When you do it your way

Four days is not enough to see

You make the rules, I follow you saintly

I missed the cue

I missed the cue