Quotes from Radio DJs during the release of 'Lands' and the single 'Grizzly'...

Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6:

"She is exactly our kind of girl. This album is excellent, I thoroughly recommend it... If you like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and all that kind of DIY, slightly jazz hands but also a little bit punk, it is for you. You must check the record out, really love that one"

(played multiple times on her show and reached the People's Playlist)

John Kennedy XFM:

“Really blew me away, think it sounds absolutely beautiful”

BBC Radio Devon:

“I’m a huge, huge fan of the track! Takes you on a real musical journey”

Charlie Ashcroft on Amazing Radio:

“Really varied mix of beautiful lush harmonies and delicate production”

Dan Hegarty Ireland's RTE

“sounds excellent”

Love this wryly comic review of 'Lands' and 'Moving Train' video by Jessica Brough...

"Sometimes lovely, sometimes creepy, but always well-constructed, Lovelace has proven herself to be an exciting multi-directional indie artist with Lands."


"Her instinctive feel for a sweet melody and hypnotic hook drives each song through shifting constructs and moody tempos...Lovelace displays the poise and swagger of PJ Harvey, an assuredness and confidence through knowledge that the material is strong. At times her delivery has the icy cool kick of LoneLady as her raw emotional energy is conveyed without histrionics or flashiness." Mike Stanton at Four Culture


"‘Lands’ is a truly stunning piece of work that will require and reward repeated listening." David Pearce at Subba Cultcha