"She is exactly our kind of girl. This album is excellent, I thoroughly recommend it... If you like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and all that kind of DIY, slightly jazz hands but also a little bit punk, it is for you. You must check the record out, really love that one" Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music

"Really blew me away, think it sounds absolutely beautiful" John Kennedy, Radio Xfm

"Really varied mix of beautiful lush harmonies and delicate production" Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio

Rebecca Whitbread better know as Lovelace released debut album, Lands, this summer. The first single,‘Grizzly’ received support from BBC Radio 6, Radio X, BBC Devon, Amazing Radio & many notable blogs. It was lovingly produced and recorded by Andrea Adriano in South London.

The album details a period in Lovelace’s life, which took her through many contrasting landscapes, both in literal and metaphorical terms. From the endless vistas of the Nevada desert, to the minutiae of a night in a seedy hotel room in Oakland in the compromised arms of a great love. Straddling both the UK and America in order to follow her heart. From great friends to beautiful strangers and the fleeting moments that solo adventures afford. Some years ago she bought a ticket for Burning Man festival on a whim and boarded a plane without knowing anyone. It was this beginning where she really discovered her voice in music.

After soloing for a good stint, Lovelace slowly grew in people. Replacing a trusty loop station with vocalists who bring their own dynamic magnitudes, as well as a fearless rhythm section - “we've raised the bar; taking us into a whole new realm of musical possibility”. Lovelace is now led by Rebecca Whitbread on guitar and vocals and joined by Hannah Murphy and Ruth Corey on vocals, Petter Grevelius on bass and Bernie Gardner on drums.. It's a whole new musical world within band.

She now spends her time living between Berlin and London, with the occasional trip back to her hometown in Devon.